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Doolee was contracted by Coogee chemical to install a foundation for a new water tank as part of the fire system upgrade. The project included removing the existing road and furniture, conducting excavation works and installing of concrete. Additionally, Doolee renovated the existing pump shed to accommodate two new pumps, created an electrical trench for new cables and redesign roof to facilitate the installation of equipment.


  • Cutting and removal of asphalt.
  • Excavation for slab foundation.
  • Installation of formwork and reinforcement.
  • Pouring and installation of concrete.
  • Trenching and installation of HDPE pipe.
  • Modifying the roof to allow access to equipment.
  • Utilising chemical agents to waterproof bunds.
  • Design and Construct bonded slabs.



  • Working in close proximity to fuel and fuel gantries.
  • Tight project to delivery timeline.
  • Conducting refurbishment works on assessment while it remained operational, without disrupting daily operations.