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Doolee were engaged by Diona to remediate 3,800m2 of Warragamba Pipeline which is an existing above ground water pipeline: 

Doolee’s scope of works is between AB04 -AB06 anchor block sections along Warragamba Pipeline Tranche 2. The project location is just outside the town of Mulgoa in the Penrith region of NSW which is approximately 60km west of the Sydney CBD.  


  • Clearing of vegetation 
  • Erection of Scaffolding & encapsulation 
  • High-pressure wash of pipe externals 
  • Removal of existing hazourdous coating via abrasive blasting` 
  • Application of inorganic zinc primer 
  • Application of multi-coat oleoresinous aluminium topcoats 
  • Concrete repairs to anchor block sections 
  • Joint Sealing around bolts 


  • All works completed under hazardous coating removal management conditions 
  • Temperature controls and dehumidification required for coating system including wet curing for topcoats   
  • Application of low dft’s coats for oleoresinous topcoats  
  • Low clearance beneath pipeline causing tight access  
  • Work methodologies were selected around minimising impact to local community