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Doolee was engaged by Vopak Terminals to carry out various concrete repair work within their Port Botany Major Hazard Facility. The works consisted of: 

  • localised concrete repairs spread across multiple concrete slabs at the front of the fuel bays during a prescribed 12 hour full plant shutdown; 

  • Staged Demolition and repouring of 6 x Full slabs (6 x 5m)  

  • within a 6-day period whilst maintaining vehicle and operations access under traffic management. 


Localised concrete repairs 

  • Sawcut and breakout drummy concrete. 
  • Clean and treat steel reinforcement. 
  • Repour slabs with a high-strength rapid set mortar (Full slab replacement  
  • Demolition of 6 concrete slabs (6 x 5m). 
  • Installation of dowel-bars. 
  • Installation of reinforcement. 
  • Installation of Connelly joints. 
  • Installation of able flex barrier around slab perimeter. 
  • Concrete placement for six slabs. 


  • Localised slab repairs completed during a 12-hour plant shutdown. 
  • Client reopened terminal 4 hours after concrete repairs  
  • Working in a live major hazard facility by sequencing the works utilising traffic management & barricading to keep the plant operational.