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Doolee Construction was engaged to carry out placement of the layers of the lining system

Placement of the layers of the lining system

The Specification required placement of the layers of the lining system without running a machine over any previously placed layer. This was carried out by deploying material alongside an excavator with the roll of new material (weighing up to 1,200kg) swung out over the previous layer, and deployment personnel placing the new material as specified for the required overlap.


  • Sheets of each layer had to be joined to neighbouring sheets using a method specific to each type of material. Sheets of the top layer, a heavy geotextile, had to be sewn together.
  • Personnel became proficient in the method of deployment of each layer, and the method of joining sheets of each layer. Personnel experienced in the welding of High-Density Polyethylene carried out the welding, testing, and passing of all facets of the HDPE.
  • Sealing of the lining system into sumps in both the Cell and the Leachate Pond, and the sealing of the lining system around the pump-out risers of each sump.
  • The installation was completed under a strict Third Party witnessed Quality Assurance Plan and procedure and was carried out without any non-Conformances being raised.
  • The installation was electronically tested after completion, again by an independent Third Party, and no leaks were reported.