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Doolee Construction was engaged to carry out HDPE Lining & Civil Works

Talloman Hazelmere is a rendering plant that recycles abattoir and other food industry waste into useable protein product.

15 years ago Talloman constructed an effluent pond that was lined with HDPE and had a HDPE floating cover installed to promote anaerobic breakdown of the waste in the water.

Additional Capacity was required for the pond and Doolee was engaged to raise the level of the pond walls, and to extend both the liner and cover to the new level required.

There were challenges involved in removing years of wind-blown sediment from the top of the cover and then welding extensions into place, but the Doolee crew were able to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Disconnect and extend liner and cover.
  • Earthworks to raise wall level.
  • Reinstall liner and cover at new height.