Demolition & Relocation Of Speedhumps & Slabs

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Doolee were engaged by Vopak Terminals to demolish and relocate existing speed ramps at Bays 5 & 6 within the Port Botany terminal.  The project formed part of Vopak’s ongoing site maintenance and infrastructure upgrades within their Sydney Terminal.

The purpose of the works was to lengthen Bays 5 & 6 to ensure tankers are situated within the bund area while refuelling rather than overhanging outside the bunded areas.

Works were prescribed to be completed during a weekend shutdown period to reduce impact on Vopak operations.


  • Demolition of Bay 5 speed hump and slab
  • Demolition of Bay 6 speedhump and slab
  • Installation of dowel-bars
  • Installation of reinforcement
  • Concrete placement for two slabs maintaining falls
  • Joint sealing install
  • Painting of speed humps


  • Works completed during prescribed 30hour weekend shutdown
  • Bays open to heavy traffic immediately after shutdown complete
  • Use of rapid set 40mpa concrete with 2-hour curing time
  • Free-hand forming of speed hump
  • Defective concrete mix supplied for first slab pour forcing the team to later remove and re-pour within the same shutdown timeframe
  • Works successfully completed within allocated timeframe