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Doolee contracted to ESA-Site infrastructures for second deep space antenna, which is located approximately 8 km south-southeast of New Norcia. The Scope of the projects works include the following:


  • Stripping site and clearing top soil
  • Removing existing track
  • Bulk earthworks (cut and fill)
  • Including but not limited to roads, pavements, antenna hardstand, antenna crane platform, power plant building pad, fire tank area, diesel tank area, landscaping area, swales, mounds and batters
  • Importation of fill as required
  • Subgrade, subbase and base for roads and hardstands
  • Kerbing works
  • Seal to roads
  • Civil drainage works including but not limited to v-drains, swales, culverts, headwalls, pipework, pits, and rock pitching
  • HV works including but not limited to clearing, excavation, conduits, pits, and RMU compound site works.

A lot of progress has been made so far in terms of bulk earthworks whereby over 7500 m³ of soil has been excavated, filled and compacted, and an additional 7000 m³ of fill material has also been imported in a span of Six weeks. Drainage works have also commenced with 50% of the V-drains having been excavated.

The program of works is currently on schedule and we look forward to delivering a successful project within the required timeframes.