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Doolee were engaged by Downer to complete all civil aspects of the WTP Interim Storage Project. The project involved the install and commissioning of three new water tanks and ancillary equipment to the Newman Water Treatment Plant.

The site was located on a sloped area adjacent to the existing plant which coincided with a large earthworks development to create a level pad for the additional tanks. Doolee undertook the civil aspects of this project working closely with Downer and BHP to complete this fast-tracked project. The project started in February 2024 with completion expected in Q3 2024.


  • Bulk Earthworks Cut
  • Stone Import of approx. 20000 tonne
  • 20m Diameter Tank Ring beams
  • Various concrete works such as slabs, retaining wall and pedestals
  • Rip Rap Stone drains
  • Rock Protection
  • Precast Pipe Support Blocks
  • Electrical conduit and pipe installations
  • Armco Railing Installation
  • Security Fencing


  • Challenges:
    • Fast Track Programme
    • Working within a live Water Treatment Plant
    • Sloped Site with High Voltage Power Lines
  • Highlights:
    • Critical Path Items on track
    • 20000 Tonne Stone Import
    • 3 ring beams excavated, formed, and poured within 10 days