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Doolee served as the primary contractor to complete a perimeter security fence, a vehicle hardstand and a weigh bridge foundation for the Palmer Barracks in South Guildford.


Perimeter Security Fence

  • Clearing works to enable for a new fence line to be installed.
  • Provide new fencing to support the existing perimeter fence to the North-Eastern corner of Palmer Barracks.

 Vehicle Hardstand

  • Construction of new hardstand including kerbing and drain.
  • Construction of new soak wells.
  • Relocation of existing bollard.
  • Removal of existing concrete cover slab.
  • Provision of new signage/road markings.

Weigh Bridge Foundation

  • Design a concrete slab for weighbridge
  • Removal of asphalt
  • Excavation for foundation,
  • Installation on reinforcement and formwork.
  • Concrete and bollards installation.
  • Installation of bollards


Hardstand Area

The project was carried out over a period of 3 months which involved the stripping of 2450m2 area, excavating and installing 12 soak wells 2m deep with connecting stormwater drain pipes. Once this section was completed, Doolee imported over 4000T of road base material, compacting and trimming to finished level followed by installation of kerbs. Later the surface was seal and asphalt installed to complete the works. The hardstand area has a maximum loading capacity of 25T.

Perimeter Security Fence

Doolee engaged an arborist who determined which trees and vegetation need to be persevered or removed before the fence was installed. Later the clearing works commenced, and installation of 540m of perimeter fence was installed.

Weighbridge Foundation

The client had a portable weighbridge that was installed on asphalt but had to recalibrated several times due to the expansion and contraction of the asphalt. The client engaged Doolee to provide a design for a concrete slab that would meet MRWA specification and allow the weighbridge to be installed and only need calibration once a year. Doolee provided a design that was accepted by the client and installed as per the pictures below.